Losing our anchors

I had a conversation with someone recently. She asked me if there was a full moon that night because people were simply driving crazy. People were driving aggressively, honking their horns, cutting her off. I was going to blow it off as somewhat of a “hot enough for you” type question. I stopped, though.
Look around at everything now. Everyone on the planet has had their lives turned upside down. The pandemic, wildfires, hurricanes, job loss, the election. Saying this year has been a shit show is putting it mildly. I remember when a few celebrities dying caused people to say that whatever year was the worst ever.
Everyone is at least a little bit tweaked. There are two things that generally people don’t like: change and not being able to plan. I mean nothing is certain in life, but there is just a cloud of, “I just don’t know what is going to happen next,” hanging over everyone. I know it is for me. I am fortunate. I am working outside the house. Our office is taking the necessary precautions to keep people safe. I work with great people. Patients are very appreciative to everything we are doing
There is a pall of uncertainty cast over everything. I haven’t seen friends in months and don’t know when I’ll see them. We rescheduled two vacations this year. They have new dates attached to them, but I can’t be sure that they won’t be affected. My son frustratedly asked a few months in when the pandemic would be over.
“June 7th, 2021,” I confidently proclaimed. Obviously, I don’t know. However, it has completely stopped him from asking me.
We kept up The Straight Beef for awhile with a new review and a bunch of content on take out. We kind of ran out of steam on that. Scott and I haven’t recorded a Compleat Dad podcast in months. We seem to have lots of ideas, but when we text about setting up a time, it just never seems to get done. I am in two game night groups. One meets online which is better than nothing, but I can’t quite immerse myself in it because I’m not sitting there looking at my fellow gamers. The other meets sporadically. However, there is always a little bit of doubt. Should we be doing this? Has everyone been safe?
All the things that I used to do on a regular basis has mostly evaporated. I feel like a different person now. Floating through life.
Our anchors are completely gone. I don’t mean anchors in a negative sense. They are the things in our lives that make our lives unique and joyful. Spontaneity, gone. Even going to the grocery store is more complicated mentally. Do I have a mask in the car? Is some moron going to confront me for wearing a mask when they don’t want to? Don’t make eye contact with someone not wearing a mask? What if they get aggressive?
We just have to think much more about things now that were just easy before. The only thing in our lives that doesn’t have friction is just staying at home. I love quiet and solitude probably more than most people. However, when it is your only option, it wears on you.